British Dental Association Good Practice Award

A stringent annual renew process is involved every October and we are happy to announce another successful year for 2017!

We achieved our BDA Good Practice Scheme Award back in October 2010 and the whole team are proud of the fact that this is true recognition of our commitment to quality. The Good Practice Scheme is indeed an exercise in teamwork. It has given all staff members greater ownership of their role, and encouraged them to work together to develop the practice.

The Scheme is a quality assurance framework for UK dental practices. By becoming members of the Scheme, practices demonstrate a visible commitment to providing quality dental care to nationally recognised best practice standards.

Good Practice Scheme benefits:

  • Simple steps to delivering a quality service to patients
  • Provides recognition from our own professional association
  • Keeps our practice up-to-date
  • Improves patient communication
  • Develops a confident, professional and inspired team

Endorsement by the profession’s national association is a powerful message for our practice. We display the exclusive BDA Good Practice Scheme logo and plaque, and are recognised on the BDA website as demonstrating a visible commitment to good practice.