We are open

As the UK enters another national lockdown, there are essential services that the public should feel assured are safe to continue to use. Dentistry is one of them.

Our Dental Professionals have decades of experience protecting their patients and teams from infectious diseases; our protocols during Covid-19 are no exception. It is critical that all of our
patients remain able to access dental services during any lockdown, not only for emergencies like toothache but also for essential dental examinations.

The early detection of mouth cancers is vitally important, alongside preventing small issues becoming dental emergencies. There is also the potential to spot general health problems during an assessment of someone’s oral health.

We wish to send out a clear message to all of our patients: it is safe and essential to attend the dentist.

The government has designated medical services – which includes dental – as essential and, despite the changing restrictions, all of our booked appointments are going ahead as planned and we will remain open.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us either by telephone: 01776 705353,
or by email: dentist@tkbarrdental.co.uk

With very best wishes,

The team at T K Barr Dental Care.